How to choose the perfect Kajabi website template (with examples)

How to choose the perfect Kajabi website template (with examples)

As a course creator or digital product creator, you're ready to take your online business to the next level and stand up a professional, beautiful website to start selling your course and make money online. And, you've already decided that you want to save a ton of time and money by using a template, instead of hiring a Kajabi website designer to build it custom.

But which template to choose?!?

There are so many options, ranging from free to pretty expensive.

As a Kajabi website designer with 14+ years of experience in building sales-optimized websites for a living, I feel like I have a lot to offer from this perspective.

Let's dive in.

Do you already like how the website template looks and works?

The biggest benefit to using templates is to save a ton of time and money, of course.

However, if you choose a template that you plan to make a lot of tweaks to, you might be saving money, but you're definitely not saving time. However, time is money, right? 💰

To get up and running as quickly as possible, choose a template that's 95% of the way there and will require minimal customizations to get it to where you want it to be. Add your content and images, make any necessary brand customizations, then hit publish and hit the ground running.

Don't overthink this! Momentum and traction are the goals here.

We want to get you selling your course and making money as quickly as possible.

Is the website template optimized to convert (aka: make you sales)?

A website that's just pretty to look at isn't working hard enough for you. It needs to be attracting your dream people, nurturing them, and converting them into buyers. A good, well-crafted website will do this. And a good Kajabi website designer will make sure it's designed to convert.

Rest assured, all website templates in our shop are optimized for to convert.

So what does it actually mean for a website to be optimized to convert?

To be optimized for conversion, a website needs to include a number of sales-ready features and modules that are ready to turn a casual website visitor into a "take my money" buyer.

A conversion-optimized website should do the following:

  • Clearly and quickly communicate what you do and who you're for
  • Communicate the problems that you solve and the solutions you offer
  • Show how you help your buyers get from point A to point B
  • Explain why you are the best person or team to help them
  • Establish 'know-like-trust' with info about you / your company, your experience, results you've achieved, and more
  • Build credibility and authority with social proof points and thought leadership content like blogs and case studies
  • Answer any questions you think they will be asking
  • Offer opportunities for them to ask additional questions
  • Allow for opportunities for them to join your email list or sign up for a freebie
  • Includes plenty of call to actions
  • Make it super easy to work and book with you
  • And more...

That's a lot of things, right?

A good Kajabi website designer will make sure that all of these are included in your website template.

What I love about our templates is that since they are sales-ready and optimized to convert, all you have to do is follow the already-built structure of the pages, swap out content and images, hit publish, and know that your website is optimized for sales.

My customer Brooke used one my website templates and shared this amazing testimonial:

"I love these templates! I received 3 new sales within 24 hours of launching the new site!!" - Brooke

Shop our sales-ready, conversion-optimized Kajabi website templates and be that much closer to skyrocketing your online business.

Here are just a few examples of sales-ready elements that you'll find in our templates:

Freebie opt-in to grow your email list and nurture potential buyers 

Freebie opt-in to grow your email list and nurture potential buyers
Just Add Your Brand Aura Kajabi website template shown here - Shop It Now

Opportunities for social proof and elements to establish credibility and authority

Social proof example from Kajabi website template / theme to make it sales-ready and optimized to convert
Social proof example from Kajabi website template / theme to make it sales-ready and optimized to convert
Just Add Your Brand  Eloise Kajabi website template shown here - Shop It Now

Plenty of calls to action to encourage your audience to take action

Call to action example from Kajabi website template / theme to make it sales-ready and optimized to convert
Just Add Your Brand  Lively Kajabi website template shown here - Shop It Now

Does the Kajabi website designer offer exceptional support?

Even if a template is plug-and-play, you may have a question here or there and it's important that the template creator is available and ready to help you get unstuck. Be sure to check their reviews and make sure that they offer great support.

Should you choose a free or paid Kajabi website theme?

In my opinion, I feel that free Kajabi themes are very basic and not optimized for conversion and sales. That being said, if you find a free Kajabi website template that checks all the boxes, by all means use it! 

To both look good and be optimized to convert, I think you'll likely find that a paid website template will be your best bet. 

Shop our sales-ready, conversion-optimized Kajabi website templates here →

If you have any questions about our templates before or after purchasing, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Amanda Olson - Owner and lead creative behind Just Add Your Brand™ Template Shop
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