How to get 5 more course testimonials today

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"60% of consumers feel that the number of reviews a business has is critical when reviewing and deciding whether to purchase." - BrightLocal

"54.7% of people read at least four reviews prior to purchasing a product."

So how many course reviews should you get exactly?

There’s obviously no exact number, but the more examples of student successes you have, the better.

Your potential online course students will always be wondering, “But will this work for me?”

The more testimonials you have from people in:

  • Different business circumstances
  • A variety of life situations
  • Different time availability
  • And more

...the more confident your potential students will feel that your program will help them achieve results, too.

How do you get more course reviews?

We have a few ideas:

Check comments and emails.

You may already be getting feedback on your courses, but you just haven't realized it!

Reviews can come in the form of comments on your social posts, notes in emails, and feedback during support requests. Start getting a screenshot every time you get feedback one of these ways and keep them easily accessible.

Encourage feedback in all your communications with students — and then weave those reviews into your content often so they can always see them front and center.

Ask for them.

Send a follow up email to your course buyers asking for them to let you know about any AHA moments and wins they experience during your course. Be sure to make sure they know you want to celebrate these successes with them!

Add feedback forms to your course.

Incorporate feedback forms into your course at multiple points in the journey. Not only will the opportunities to leave feedback be easily available for your students, but you'll also be getting valuable feedback on your program.

Create a killer course experience.

Ever hear the phrase, "Quality is the best business plan"?

Create an exceptional online course and student experience that gets people talking because it's just that good (and it's getting them results).

Your students will be more than happy to share their results and tell others about your program.

Amanda Olson - Owner and lead creative behind Just Add Your Brand™ Template Shop
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